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Strategic Solutions for Complex Challenges

Our Capabilities
    Effectiveness and Efficiency Studies

    DecideSmart conducts Effectiveness and Efficiency Studies that enable organizations to utilize scarce resources in the most productive manner. To enable an organization to fulfill its mission and achieve its goals in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, our team works closely with the leaders and staff and, if applicable, the stakeholders.


    We always pay special attention to the context in which an organization operates in order to deliver real world workable solutions.

    Strategic Planning

    DecideSmart utilizes a state-of-the-art strategic planning process to help transform organizations to achieve their major priorities.

    The partners at DecideSmart have significant experience in leading large organizations through change management processes. We know how important it is to combine vision with detailed, practical, and measurable steps that can make change a living reality and sustain organizational momentum.

    Economic Development

    DecideSmart assists organizations by enhancing their economic development program in relation to established goals. This would include organizational structure, strategy development, measurements, existing business retention and sustainability, new business development, tourism, review of community assets and infrastructure, and leveraging partnerships at the local, regional, and state levels.

    DecideSmart also provides confidential site selection assistance to private sector companies to include site selection, interfacing with local and state governments, and incentive review and negotiation.

    Team Building and Collaboration

    DecideSmart works within and across organizations to help build leadership capacity to address problems successfully. We work with individual boards, local governing authorities, and regional groups that cross jurisdictional lines.

    Market Strategy

    DecideSmart works with private sector companies to develop effective market strategies with the public sector. We work on all stages of market development from initial targeting to development and execution.

    Public Opinion and Civic Engagement

    DecideSmart conducts public opinion surveys, focus groups, and community forums. We assist organizations in obtaining public input on issues related to major strategic priorities.

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